Laurie Simon Goldman
Team Lead, Laurie Simon Goldman Group
Executive Sales Vice President


Each person approaches the sale or purchase of a home with a unique set of questions and needs. You deserve to work with a Realtor with whom you feel very comfortable, who feels like a good “fit” for your situation and your way of doing things. I invite you to interview me to see if I am that person for you.

You’ll find that I provide professional skill, enthusiasm, and personalized attention. I’m known for my ability to make the people with whom I’m working my priority, while focusing on the vision and the details that achieve results for them. My professional background in counseling and mediation fuels my work in real estate; you’ll benefit from my abilities to listen, to communicate and to bring negotiations to a successful conclusion. And my willingness to be a “data wonk” on your behalf means we’ll always be working from a thorough, up-to-date analysis of the marketplace…and its impact on you.

I’d enjoy the chance to talk with you, to address your questions and learn about your hopes. If you’d like, we can then create a customized plan for reaching your goals.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any question, or to arrange a no obligation initial consultation. You can reach me at my direct line (513-550-0124), or by email at

I truly look forward to speaking with you–


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